TSI will provide our licensees the education, training, and ongoing support necessary to enhance their profits and deliver essential business skills to their clients in an adventurous and innovative learning environment.


Achieved by:

  1. Identify the unique needs of the end-client and create a custom program to meet those needs
  2. Provide the licensee with comprehensive production so they can focus their resources on Facilitation and Sales
  3. Continuously engineer inventive challenges and concepts to enhance Team Summit for repeat end-clients



Identify and recruit entrepreneurial rock gym owners with a strong business acumen to construct a nationwide network of TSI licensees.


What is Team Summit for the licensee?

Team Summit is UNIQUE among 'team-building' programs. It is a completely structured system from the first sales call through customization of program, facilitation of session and follow-up coaching. TS is designed for long term relationships with each client due to the depth and variety of valuable challenges, discussions and novelty.


Support, training and production by TSI allows licensee to focus resources on sales, customer service and facilitation. Paying TSI per session keeps risk and initial capital investment to a minimum.


Licensee and TSI share same goal; Your success is our success.


The license includes:


  • Up to 25 hours of consulting for sales, facilitation, or administration (combined).
  • Additional consulting can be billed at a reasonable hourly rate.
  • Production and Syllabus: TSI will send the licensee's client the survey with postage for return. TSI will analyze surveys and client interview (provided by licensee from sales interview). TSI will provide licensee with comprehensive syllabus for TS session including sample questions to lead discussions between challenges.
  • Use of copyrighted Team Summit logo, marketing copy and promotional intellectual property.
  • Licensee can refer clients to MoveForwardTogether.com. As well, the website will list each licensee for clients looking for team-building in other regions of the U.S.A.
  • Exclusive territory for licensee.
  • Client Base of scale: as client base increases for Team Summit network, it increases for each licensee.
  • Continuous innovation. Repeat clients expect a unique experience on each visit. TSI will continue to create challenges to provide novelty for long-term clients.


Please contact us for Licensing Fees.