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We brought a group of 30 people to Team Summit as part of our quarterly sales team retreat. Several team members were concerned about being able to do some of the more physical activities, but everyone was able to participate and we all had a great time.

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TEAM SUMMIT will invigorate your business by bringing your entire staff together for a half day of exciting and mentally challenging exercises that will clearly focus your company's goals and empower your staff to move forward in unison.


TEAM SUMMIT incorporates both rock climbing and ground challenges that are appropriate for participants of EVERY FITNESS LEVEL.


TEAM SUMMIT is a facilitated 4-hour session of exciting, active, and engaging challenges and discussions that focus on the goals and obstacles YOUR TEAM faces in the office every day. Every part of the session is Solution-Oriented to ensure your team takes away Tangible and Obtainable Summit Solutions™ that will be applied at work to yield higher productivity and reduce friction.


Every TEAM SUMMIT starts with an in-depth interview with the owner or team-leader to assess needs, goals, and obstacles of the team. We then conduct a confidential survey of the entire team to determine their current state. Using this information, we create a custom syllabus exclusively for your team's session.